[Arabidopsis] Keeping track of arabidopsis seed stocks

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Hi Brian and others,

We have just purchased a program that might be helpful for this  
purpose - it is called LabCollector. It is designed to be an intranet  
program and allows you password-protected access from all over the  
world. The program supports really fancy options, such as barcoding,  
or simpler options such as electronically storing stock records. It  
is designed to keep track of lab stocks, ordering, important  
documents, etc. I am not making an endorsement here - we have just  
gotten the software and have not had the opportunity to really test  
it. Perhaps there are others out there who have given it a more  
thorough testing? At any rate, you can give it a look and play with  
it a bit online at:


We did look for other software, but found most of it wasn't really  
designed for the molecular biology lab or was just over-the-top with  
unnecessary bells and whistles.

Good Luck,

On Feb 1, 2007, at 4:55 AM, Forde, Brian wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I'd be interested to find out what people think is the best way of
> keeping track of their arabidopsis seed stocks from generation to
> generation, recording harvest dates, phenotypes, and providing  
> links to
> parents and progeny - for example when performing a series of
> backcrosses with a set of mutants.
> Is there specialised software available for this?
> Any advice would be gratefully received.
> Thanks a lot
> Brian Forde

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