[Arabidopsis] Workshops at the Annual Meeting

Joanna Friesner via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by jdfriesner from stanford.edu)
Wed Feb 14 17:09:23 EST 2007

Dear Arabidopsis researchers,


Every year there is the possibility for community-initiated workshops at the
International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, held this year in Beijing,
China, June 20-23, 2007 (www.arabidopsis2007.com). Available nights for
workshops are June 21, 21, and 22; dates and times are organized by the
conference committee, and the expected schedule for each workshop is 1.5
hours. While we will facilitate the workshop logistics (ie, reserve workshop
rooms, provide A/V, provide advertising, etc), the format and scheduling is
*entirely* the responsibility of the workshop organizers. 


Proposals are subject to approval by the Organizing Committee and are
examined on a first contacted, first evaluated basis. While workshop
organizers are welcome to invite community members to give presentations we
do not have funding to support travel, registration, or accommodation costs
for workshop participants. We will, however, provide free accommodations to
up to two Organizers per (approved) Workshop for up to the 4 conference
nights (June 20, 21, 22, and 23).  


Examples of past community-initiated workshops include "Molecular Analysis
of the Circadian Clock Mechanism", ' Submitting data to long-term
repositories: information for 2010 grant recipients and all researchers',
'Public Engagement: Broadening the Impact of Your Research', 'Systems
biology approaches to analysis of metabolic and regulatory networks of
Arabidopsis', and 'Proteomics in Arabidopsis.'  Such workshops can be based
on oral presentations by researchers in the area of interest, or can be
demonstration-based and/or hands-on (such as TAIR workshops). The format is
flexible and determined by the conference organizers (one note: past
workshop participants have noted the usefulness of an introductory overview
to the topic by the organizers.)


If you are attending the conference and would like to propose *and* organize
a workshop for the meeting, please contact me (Joanna Friesner,
jdfriesner from stanford.edu) as soon as possible with a topic/title, and also a
tentative speaker list if available. Following the March 20th abstract
deadline I will be able to provide information on registered conference
attendees that you may contact as potential speakers.  



Best regards,


Joanna Friesner


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