[Arabidopsis] water potential in leaves

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I'm certainly no expert on this, but I think that the "isopiestic" 
technique could be usefull for you. As I understand this can be used to 
determine water potential in small soft tissues, like leaves, that are 
otherwise difficult to measure using the pressure bomb technique. The 
isopiestic technique is described in this paper:

J.S. Boyer and E.B. Knipling, Isopiestic technique for measuring leaf 
water potentials with a thermocouple psychrometer, /Proc. Natl. Acad. 
Sci. USA/ *54* (1965), pp. 1044–1051.

Best regards,
Mats Andersson

Paco skrev:
> I want to measure the water potential in leaves of Arabidopsis 
> thaliana under drought stress, Do you know something equipment that 
> has acceptable level of accuracy and repeatability.
> thanks
> Francisco
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