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One 3 yr post-doctoral position (post 1655, salary range ~24-27K) is available in Caroline Dean's group at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK starting immediately. This is a BBSRC-funded project entitled 'Natural variation in vernalization response of Arabidopsis accessions'. The plan is to exploit our understanding of the molecular basis of vernalization in Arabidopsis (http://www.jic.ac.uk/staff/caroline-dean/index.htm) and the adaptive importance of this trait and combine a molecular, evolutionary and ecological study to understand how Arabidopsis accessions have spread to very different parts of Europe. Analysis of flowering in Arabidopsis accessions provides a rare opportunity to link mechanistic understanding of a complex trait with an understanding of the fitness consequences of different alleles and thus distribution within the population. The specific aims (for two post-doctoral fellows, one already appointed) will be to 
1) fully define the molecular variation underpinning the natural variation in accessions carefully selected to represent a range of vernalization responses 
2) to investigate how that molecular variation has resulted in changed flowering phenotype. 

We will also analyse the range of allelic variation and pattern of polymorphism in the loci involved to understand their molecular evolution and determine the fitness consequences of that variation in different environments to investigate the selective forces that have resulted in the phenotypic variability in natural populations. This will be in collaboration with Dr Magnus Nordborg (U. S. California) and Dr Johanna Schmitt (Brown U. RI).

If interested please email to caroline.dean from bbsrc.ac.uk.

Recent relevant publications: 
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