[Arabidopsis] Arabidopsis thaliana culture, urgent!!!!

Kwok Chu Butt [ABCT] via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by bcyoki from inet.polyu.edu.hk)
Sat Jun 16 12:27:16 EST 2007

** Reply Requested When Convenient **

Dear sir/ madam,

I am PhD student from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and conduct
a study with Arabidopsis culture. My Arabidopsis Col-0 suspension
culture shows signs of going to die soon (no bacterial contamination,
but turn to white in color). I don't know what's happen and never see
this before. As I am in my last year and really don't have time to
re-establish the culture from the begining, do anyone know where I can
buy a callus or suspension culture or do anyone can kindly provide me
some. Moreover, anyone has same experience and tell me what's appen and
solve my problem. It is very very urgent for me. Thanks a lot.

my E-mail: bcyoki from inet.polyu.edu.hk

Best Regards
Yoki Butt

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