[Arabidopsis] [SIGnAL News] New web database and ordering system for homozygous lines

Ronan OMalley via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by omalley from salk.edu)
Sun Jun 17 20:46:18 EST 2007

*Update from SIGnAL: new web database and ordering system for homozygous

The Arabidopsis thaliana genome contains an estimated 26,000 protein
coding genes.  By identifying two homozygous T-DNA mutants for every gene
( NSF 2010 project #040126), we are creating a resource for systematic
genome-wide functional screens, a "phenome-ready" genome. As of today, we
have sent 11402 total lines to ABRC, representing 8526 individual genes.

We have recently developed two web sites to help you access this growing
collection. At The Homozygous T-DNA Line Collection website (
http://methylome.salk.edu/cgi-bin/homozygotes.cgi ) you will find an
up-to-date list of all homozygous T-DNA lines deposited at ABRC as well as
our current target list. At the Gene Families site (
http://methylome.salk.edu/gene_fam ) we have grouped the homozygous lines
into gene family sets. You can select a gene family to view its
subfamilies, genes, and homozygous T-DNA insertion lines.  Select a gene
to display a gene illustration including the location of the T-DNA, and
the genotyping primers sequences. Both websites have search
capabilities, and can be used to directly order the lines from ABRC. These
sites were developed by Ronan O'Malley and Ammar Naqvi in Joe Ecker's
laboratory at the SALK Institute.

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