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A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Doris Wagner 
at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia 
(http://www.bio.upenn.edu/faculty/wagner/) effective immediately for a 
highly motivated scientist interested in studying *the role of chromatin 
remodeling ATPases* in plant development.

The three-year funded position is aimed at identification of the direct 
targets of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling ATPase SPLAYED through 
global binding studies (ChIP on chip) and at elucidating the changes in 
nucleosome position and/or occupancy that result from the activity of 
SPLAYED and related ATPases. The Wagner laboratory is a highly 
interactive group of scientists located in a brand new Biology building 
on the vibrant University of Pennsylvania campus, which features a 
strong chromatin research community.

The ideal applicant should have prior experience with molecular biology 
techniques (ChIP, real-time PCR) . Knowledge of plant development is 
desirable. If you are interested in this position, please send (by 
e-mail) a coverletter stating your research interests, a curriculum 
vitae, and names as well as e-mail addresses of three references to:
Doris Wagner
wagnerdo from sas.upenn.edu

/_Related Publications:_/
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Chromatin physically restricts accessibility of the information encoded 
in the genome to regulatory proteins such as transcription factors. 
Chromatin remodeling ATPases use the energy derived from ATP hydrolysis 
to change genome accessibility by altering nucleosome position or by 
transiently removing nucleosomes. The in vivo roles of these remodelers, 
including those of the important SWI/SNF family, were recently described 
using viable SWI/SNF ATPase null mutants in plants. These, as well as 
genome wide expression studies have implicated chromatin remodeling 
ATPases in the regulation of many important developmental pathways. In 
each pathway they appear to regulate expression of very few key 
developmental regulators.

Doris Wagner
Department of Biology, 103G Lynch
University of Pennsylvania 			wagnerdo from sas.upenn.edu
415 S. University Ave				Phone: (215) 898-0483
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6018			Fax: (215) 898-8780

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