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The Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), led by Lawrence Berkeley  
National Laboratory in a partnership with these scientific institutions:
Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,  
University of California-Davis, University of California-Berkeley,  
and the Carnegie Institution for Science
is a new multi-organizational institute of world-class facilities and  
expertise located in one facility at Emeryville, California.

The goal of JBEI is to use rapidly advancing scientific techniques,  
such as systems and synthetic biology, to accelerate development of  
the nation's biofuels industry.

JBEI’s goals focus on breaking the barriers to efficient conversion  
of lignocellulosic material into biofuels. The team is establishing a  
highly integrated research center
aimed at engineering plants for better processing, efficient  
protocols for pretreatment and optimized microorganisms for increased  
biofuels production.

We are currently looking for a start-up team of bioinformaticians,  
postdoctoral researchers, and technicians in the areas of
plant biology, enzymology, biochemical and chemical engineering,  
functional genomics, applied microbiology, fermentation, molecular  
genetics, and bioinformatics that will expand to approximately 150  
staff by the end of summer 2008.

Current Job Postings

JBEI (through LBNL) is currently looking for scientists and  
technicians interested in working on the various aspects of biofuels  
research, especially in plant cell wall synthesis, deconstruction and  
microbial engineering. Highly motivated individuals with expertise in  
molecular biology, metabolic engineering, bioinformatics and  
‘omics’ are encouraged to submit a resume/CV and letter of  
interest to resumes from jbei.org

Wolf B. Frommer
Vice President Feedstocks
Email: wbfrommer from lbl.gov

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