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Wed Apr 16 03:23:45 EST 2008

Dear Sr.

My name is Mário Costa, I work at the Botany department of the FCUP
(Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto), in Portugal.
We have been doing some crossing experiences whit transposon tagged lines
from Riken.

Do not wary about the size of the flowers, there is anything a low power
microscope, some dot tape, a good pare of fine tips forceps and a steady
hand can't do.

Some help about the right time to emasculate the flowers can be fond in the
Smith 1990 plant cell 755-767, the anthers must be in a state were they are
still not ready to spread pollen but the flower bud is already big an of to
permit the manipulation (About 0,5cm).

To avoid undesired pollination we have used two different approaches, we
have extracted all the flowers that we have not use for the crossing
including the floral stem tip, and isolated the ovaries in a seed collector.
 In an other experience we have isolated individual emasculated flowers in a
transparent plastic. In bout the cases the result has been very good.
About the stigma receptiveness, the papillae must be fully developed, it may
be best to do the pollination step a day or so after the emasculation, in
order to maximize the development of the ovary.

Well, good luck and if you need anything else please ask.

Best regards

Mario costa

Virtus unita fortis agit
Mário Costa
FCUP- Dep. Botânica.
IBMC -Biologia Funcional de Plantas.
Rua do Campo Alegre 823,
4150-180 Porto
tel: 936106327

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