[Arabidopsis] help

Stone via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by kongjixiang from yahoo.cn)
Wed Oct 8 10:10:03 EST 2008

Dear all
  Now I come across with a problem about my study.
  When I overexpress the gene which i am interested in and get the transgenic plant.Then I find that some lines have the phenotype which is sterile.
  However I do not know why this overexpression can cause sterile. Then I analyze the expression pattern of the promoter. But it does not express neither in pollen nor pollen tube. It expresses in guard cells of stoma and style.
  According to the expression, I guess the gene may influence the style and cause sterile. But I do another experiment. I pollinate the line with other pollen  and then it has the fertilities.
  Could someone tell me some possibilites??
  Thanks a lot
  Jixiang Kong


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