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*Postdoctoral Positions to Characterize Salicylic Acid Signaling Network 
in Plants at Cornell Univ./BTI*


The plant hormone salicylic acid (SA) affects many diverse processes in 
plant growth and development and plays important role(s) in response to 
abiotic and biotic stresses. Its role(s) in disease resistance has been 
the most extensively studied but is still only partially understood 
(e.g. PNAS 2005, 102:1773; Science 2007, 318:113; Curr. Opin. Plant 
Biol. 2008, 11:436). To obtain insights into how SA carries out its 
varied functions, a large number of putative SA-binding proteins 
(pSABPs) have recently been identified in Arabidopsis by affinity 
chromatography. Investigators will use two powerful high throughput 
screens, an Arabidopsis protein micro-array and a yeast three hybrid 
system, to identify additional SABPs, as well as confirm the SA-binding 
activity of the already identified pSABPs. These SABPs will be 
characterized using biochemical, genetic, molecular, bioinformatic, and 
biophysical (X-ray crystallography) techniques to decipher their 
functions in growth and development and/or responses to abiotic or 
biotic stresses (particularly disease resistance), and the effects of SA 
binding on these functions. Based on current data and the results 
obtained, an SA signaling network model(s) will be constructed, tested 
by more detailed characterization of putative signaling or regulatory 
modules, and refined in order to produce an exemplary model of the SA 
signaling network of SABPs which may serve as a paradigm for other plant 
hormones (and other small ligands). This multi-disciplinary project will 
be supported by a 4-year NSF 2010 grant. Applicant should have a Ph.D. 
in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, genetics, or related 
areas and must be strongly motivated and dedicated to doing basic 
research. */Strong background in protein chemistry and enzymology is 
*/ /*

Send CV and a cover letter detailing experience and _have_ three letters 
of recommendation sent to: Dan Klessig, Boyce Thompson Institute for 
Plant Research at Cornell University, Tower Road, Ithaca, NY 14853 or 
email dfk8 from cornell.edu 
<mailto:dfk8 from cornell.edu>.                                                                       
Related website http://bti.cornell.edu/DanKlessig.php

Institute Description: BTI is a not-for-profit research institute 
affiliated with Cornell University. Its research emphasis is on 
fundamentally understanding the basic biology of plants, particularly as 
this relates to signal transduction within a plant and between a plant 
and its environment. BTI is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action 

Lucy Pola, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Boyce Thompson Institute
Tower Road
Ithaca, NY  14853

lbp8 from cornell.edu

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