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IJPB, Versailles, France

Recent results obtained in our group on the characterization of the  
TON1, FASS/TON2 proteins and their partners uncovered converging  
evidences pointing towards evolutionary conservation of some  
centrosomal components at the plant cell's cortex. TON1 and FASS  
themselves are related to proteins recently shown to localize at the  
centrosome in animal cells. TON1 interacts with centrin, a key  
component of eucaryotic MTOCs. Moreover, several TON1 and FASS  
interactants belong to a new family of cytoskeleton-associated  
proteins called TIM which are reminiscent of some animal centrosomal  
proteins. These are the first indications ever for a functional and  
evolutionary link between animal centrosomes and the cortical  
cytoskeleton of plants, apart from gamma-tubulin dependent nucleation.  
Through a collaboration between our group and the group of Marilyn  
Vantard the successful candidate will work on the functional  
characterization of TON1 and TIM proteins in plant cells, and of their  
other interacting partners in the cell from a cytological, molecular  
genetics and biochemical point of view.

The position is available for candidates with outstanding academic  
record and excellent experimental and communication skills. It is  
located in Versailles (France) for 30 months, starting January 2009.  
Part of the work will be done in Grenoble, in Marilyn Vantard's group.  
Salary is 2200-2500 euros per month.

Requirements : Candidates must have a PhD with an excellent academic  
record. We are seeking individuals with a strong background in  
genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and microscopy. Experience  
in protein biochemistry and/or with fluorescent protein detection and  
confocal laser scanning microscopy is a plus. Experience in plant  
biology and knowledge of the French language are not mandatory.

Application : Please send cover letter, CV, publication reprints  and  
names and e-mail addresses of three references to David Bouchez (bouchez from versailles.inra.fr 
). The successful candidate will start in January 2009 or soon after.

Relevant publications :
	Azimzadeh et al (2008). Arabidopsis TONNEAU1 proteins are essential  
for preprophase band formation  and interact with centrin. Plant Cell,  
in press
	Pastuglia & Bouchez (2007). Molecular encounters at microtubule ends  
in the plant cell cortex. Curr Op Plant Biol 10:1-7
	Pastuglia et al (2006). Gamma-tubulin is essential for microtubule  
organization and development in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 18 : 1412-1425
	Camilleri et al (2002). The Arabidopsis TONNEAU2 gene encodes a  
putative novel PP2A regulatory subunit essential for the control of  
cortical cytoskeleton. Plant Cell, 14 : 833-845.

The Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute hosts 25 research groups devoted to  
plant biology, totalizing 330 people, comprised of 230 permanent staff  
and 100 post-docs, PhD students and others students. The IJPB has a  
long-standing and respected expertise in the field of plant biology,  
including genomics, genetics, breeding, metabolism, cell biology and  
development. All tools and resources relevant for integrative plant  
biology are available on site. Local facilities in Versailles include  
outstanding experimental facilities dedicated to plant culture (4500  
m2 glasshouses and 500 m2 controlled environment rooms), state of the  
art technical platforms for Microscopy and Cytology (4 confocal  
microscopes, classical microscopy, etc), Protein Biochemistry  
(electrophoresis, chromatography, MALDI-TOF MS…), Chemistry (FT-IR,  
several mass spec including GC-TOF and LC-MS/MS…), and Bioinformatics.

Further details and information : bouchez from versailles.inra.fr

David Bouchez
Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin
Station de Génétique et Amélioration des Plantes
INRA Centre de Versailles - 78026 Versailles Cedex France
tel : +33 (0)1 30 83 33 94 - fax : +33 (0)1 30 83 33 19
e-mail : bouchez from versailles.inra.fr

cytoskeleton group :

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