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A POSTDOCTORAL POSITION is available at the Biotech Center=2C Rutgers Unive=
rsity=2C in the laboratory of Prof. Eric Lam (http://aesop.rutgers.edu/~lam=
lab) for a highly motivated scientist interested in studying chromatin orga=
nization and stress responses in higher plants.  We have established a set =
of 277 mapped lines of novel transposants in Arabidopsis with single Ds ins=
ertions that allows functional and structural characterization of global ep=
igenetic control in living plants.  Together with the recently established =
SOLiD NextGen sequencing capability in Rutgers for multiplexed ChIP-seq and=
 small RNA analyses=2C our unique resource promise to reveal interesting ne=
w insights to the complex network of the epigenome and stress responses usi=
ng Arabidopsis and grasses as paradigms.  The successful applicant will app=
ly these new tools to examine global epigenetic control as a function of de=
velopment and in response to stresses.=20
The ideal applicant should have prior experience with molecular (ChIP assay=
=2C PCR=2C cloning=2C Northern blotting=2C etc.) and biochemical (Western b=
lotting=2C enzyme assay=2C etc) techniques=2C advanced microscopy=2C and/or=
 chemical biology approaches. Knowledge of epigenetic mechanisms and some b=
ioformatics skills are desirable but not required.  If you are interested i=
n this position=2C please email a cover-letter stating your research intere=
sts=2C a curriculum vitae=2C and contact information for three references t=
o: Prof. Eric Lam=2C ericL89 from hotmail.com
    The Biotech Center at Rutgers University is located in New Brunswick=2C=
 New Jersey=2C and enjoys a convenient location close to the famous Jersey =
Shore and Pocono Mountains while also easily accessible (within 1 hour by c=
ar or train) to metropolitan areas such as New York City and Philadelphia. =
 The Biotech Center at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences =
in the Cook Campus is well-equipped with advanced instrumentations for mole=
cular biology=2C biochemistry and microscopy.  Rutgers University is an equ=
al opportunity employer that strongly encourages underrepresented groups to=
 apply for open positions.
Related Publications:

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Prof. Eric Lam=20

Director=2C Biotechnology Center for Agriculture=20
      and the Environment
Professor of Plant Biology and Pathology=20

Rutgers=2C The State University of New Jersey=2C U.S.A.

Email: ericL89 from hotmail.com=3B Lam from aesop.rutgers.edu=20

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