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Thank you for the many replies to my query on Gateway vectors I have 
pasted them below as they may be useful to others.  Best, Karen

"You might want to look at the pEarleyGate vectors and see if any of 
them work for you. You can get them all at ABRC.

"I have used Gateway destination vector for my experiment published 
recently. We have a Gateway LR binary destination vector which carries
gentamycin resistant gene (under 35S promoter) as a marker instead of
Bar gene. If you contact Danny Schnell in UMass, 
(dschnell from biochem.umass.edu), you can get a plasmid DNA.

" The set of vectors by Curtis and Grossniklaus (Plant Phys 133:462) are 
Gateway compatible.  I have a few, but they had us to sign an agreement 
not to distribute.  If you get them to agree, I can send you some like 
pMDC123" liq from muohio.edu

"Please check the homepage of Karimi et al. at the University Gent in 
Belgium. You will find it if you gooogle for Gent and Gateway. They have 
virtually everything one may wish for plant-related GATEWAY vectors,"

"check this web page
these vectors are available at the TAIR"

"I have a pAMPAT derivative with GATEWAY cassette and BASTA resitance. 
If you still need one, please contact me, then  could send some 
plasmid."Anke.Hueser from uni-koeln.de

"check this site http://www.psb.ugent.be/gateway/index.php"

"you can use one plasmid that had been designed by Richard Curtis
Although most of them are Hygromycine resistant, one is Basta R 
(pMDC123). You can order them through ABRC.
For full references: Curtis et al, Plant Physiol 133-pp462"

"Do you want the single gene gateway vector or multigene gateway vector 
with herbicide gene. both are available for you from plant systems 
biology. its free but they will ask for the shiping charges etc. if you 
wont the mutigene gateway vector we have developed another herbicide 
gene much effecient than bar.also here you 'll have to search for the 
which DONOR vectors you are working on and also the compatible binary 
vector."ramu.tiger123 from gmail.com

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