[Arabidopsis] Results of YouTube Plant Videos Contest

Joanna Friesner via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by jdfriesner from ucdavis.edu)
Wed Aug 19 16:56:09 EST 2009

The first ChloroFilms contest for plant videos on YouTube has announced the
There are some very cool videos ranging from technical to artistic, basic to


Just a few winning titles:
# Fantastic vesicle traffic- 1st prize technical - vesicle movement through
Arabidopsis root hairs in germinating seeds
# La Bloomba- 1st prize artistic- Nice time-lapse photography of flowers
# Photosynthesis 101: presented by Dr. Undergrad- Basic intro to
photosynthesis starting with a cartoon about the 'Model' Arabidopsis
# Measuring Leaf Area with Adobe Photoshop CS3- technical teaching video to
analyze growth of Arabidopsis leaves
# "Sweet Home Apparatus" - the ultimate Golgi music video- a music video for
Golgi lovers- or for those who just like saying the word 'golgi!'
# And many more including lots of other kinds of plants (switchgrass, corn,
artichokes, oats, pines, christmas trees, and the elusive Foil Flower)

Contest 2 opens soon for new entries.

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