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Dear Colleagues:

Please find information below from a news release announcing the 9th
International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology. 
Registration is now open and more details on the Congress can be found
by visiting www.ipmb2009.org.
Please forward or post as appropriate.

Thank you!
Nina Kult
On behalf of IPMB 2009 (www.ipmb2009.org)

St. Louis Hosts 9th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology
Scientists, researchers gather to emphasize the impact of molecular

St. Louis, Mo. (January 9, 2009) - Elite scientists from around the
world will gather here for one of the most prestigious plant research
events, the 9th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology.
Scheduled for Oct. 25-30, 2009, the Congress is making its debut in St.
Louis and returns to the United States after being hosted abroad for
more than 20 years.  

Internationally renowned scientists will be hosted here by Perry
Gustafson, professor of plant sciences at the University of Missouri in
Columbia; Monsanto's Chief Technology Officer Robert T. Fraley; and
Peter Raven, president of the Missouri Botanical Garden. 
The Congress will feature more than 50 forums; abstract poster displays
and presentations; evening workshops; and other events to chronicle the
advances in plant molecular biology. Topics will include agricultural
productivity, phytotherapy for human health, generating biofuels and the
future of biodiversity, further reinforcing the need to find solutions
for today's global challenges.

"The Congress is considered one of the most important events to share
worldwide progress in discovering the potential that plants hold to help
solve the issues facing the planet," says Gustafson. "Our guest speakers
are discovering solutions for fuel, food and medicine and will offer a
fascinating look into our sustainable future."

The IPMB Congress has already secured commitments from more than 300
scientists who will present during the course of the event.
Registration for the 2009 IPMB Congress is now open online. Please visit
www.ipmb2009.org for more information about the 2009 IPMB Congress.

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