[Arabidopsis] Fungus gnats treatment and prevention

Vera Nunes via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by vnunes from igc.gulbenkian.pt)
Mon Jul 27 11:31:57 EST 2009


Our growth chambers have been shown a continuous increase of the fungus gnats
population. We always do the first watering, as well as the subsequent ones,
with the biological insecticide Vectobac (an equivalent to Gnatrol, Bacillus
thuringiensis var. israelensis).  However, we continue to have larvae
infestations in some inserts as well as an increase of adult insects captures,
although we don't overwater. Can someone please tell me insecticides (active
ingredient, concentration, formulation) that we can use to control the adult
flies and also larvae not only in a curative but also preventive way (to apply
in the future), that wont interfere with Arabidopsis physiology?

Thanks a lot!

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