[Arabidopsis] HelP: ion leakage assay

=?GB2312?B?8eO5+tPC?= via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by cashandy from gmail.com)
Mon Jul 27 22:10:24 EST 2009

 Dear all,
   Recently I needed to perform  ion leakage assay, and referred to one cell
paper on autophagy. But I am confused with this method about eaf disc
collection: how long after pathogen infection to collect the discs? Whether
the method means leaf disc is collected once and conductivity is measureed
ove time or collecting leaf at different infection time points and measuring
once? If the former is used in your lab, I doubt whether  HR is still
induced ex vivo. If you deliver me the detailed protocol your lab follow
routinely, the help will do me a great favor. Thank you very much!

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