[Arabidopsis] Seeking protocol for seed & seedling fatty acid analysis

Paul smith via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by paulslpool from yahoo.co.uk)
Fri Jul 31 02:11:22 EST 2009


Not being a chemist, I am seeking a detailed protocol for extraction and GC analysis of "free" fatty acids and fatty acids in triglycerides (TGAs) in Arabidopsis seeds and seedlings (time-course experiments). This is to look quantitatively and qualitatively at the amount and composition of TGAs in seeds of a mutant vs. wildtype and their changes during germination and seedling establishment.

None of the methods I have seen in the literature is detailed enough for someone inexperienced to follow without assistance of an expert (none available where I work). I am also concerned about the safety aspects with all the dangerous organic chemicals involved. I would be very grateful to any expert that may provide me with a detailed protocol that can safely be followed.

I would also appreciate that details are included for special glassware & equipment that is required for the procedures. Please note that I do have access to a Agilent 6890N GC machine with an automatic injector and a 30 m HP-5 30 m column, suitable for FAs.

Thank you!

Paul Smith

paulslpool from yahoo.co.uk


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