[Arabidopsis] Postdoctoral Positions in Plant Molecular Biology at Dartmouth College

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Postdoctoral Positions in Plant Molecular Biology at Dartmouth College

Postdoctoral positions are currently available in the laboratories of =20=

Dr. Mary Lou Guerinot, Dr. Tom Jack, and Dr. G. Eric Schaller to work =20=

on federally funded research projects.

Guerinot: The research in Dr. Guerinot=92s laboratory involves the =20
study of metal ion homeostasis in Arabidopsis and rice with a special =20=

emphasis on iron and zinc. We are continuing our studies on =20
localization of metals using synchrotron X-ray fluorescence =20
spectroscopy.  In addition, we have been using high throughput =20
elemental profiling via ICP-MS to define a plant=92s ionome and have =20
used this information for functional characterization of various =20
mutants, for gene discovery, for developing ionomic signatures of =20
different physiological states and for exploring natural variation.

Jack: The research in Dr. Jack=92s lab involves the elucidation of the =20=

role of two genes necessary for proper growth of petals and stamens.  =20=

The first is DORNROSCHEN-LIKE, which encodes a AP2-domain =20
transcription factor. The second is microRNA319a, which functions to =20
regulate a subset of TCP transcription factor genes.

Schaller: The research in Dr. Schaller=92s laboratory involves the =20
study of post-transcriptional regulation in ethylene signaling, with =20
a focus on action of the ethylene receptors. To this end we are =20
determining how physical interactions among the ethylene receptors =20
coordinate signal output. We are also determining the role played by =20
a small family of novel proteins in modulating receptor signaling.

Additional information on each PI=92s research interests can be =20
accessed through their individual faculty web pages at http://=20

Successful applicants should be highly motivated, be capable of =20
working independently, and have a relevant PhD. Experience in some or =20=

all of the following disciplines is desirable: genetics in model =20
systems, molecular biology, and/or biochemistry.

Application Instructions: Please send a letter of application =20
describing research background, a CV, and the names and contact =20
information for three references by email to the faculty member(s) of =20=

your choice: Mary Lou Guerinot (Mary.Lou.Guerinot from Dartmouth.edu), Tom =20=

Jack (Thomas.P.Jack from Dartmouth.edu), G. Eric Schaller =20
(George.E.Schaller from Dartmouth.edu). This is a good opportunity if you =20
and a partner are both looking for postdoctoral positions at the same =20=

institution, and it may be helpful to indicate if this is the case in =20=

your cover letter.


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