[Arabidopsis] 2 Postdoctoral positions at ANU, Research School of Biology, Canberra

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2 Postdoctoral positions at ANU, Research School of Biology


Two post-doctoral positions are available immediately in the laboratory of
Dr Josette Masle, at the Research School of Biology, The Australian National
University, Canberra. The successful candidates will join a grant funded
research program aimed at identifying and characterising regulatory networks
controlling plant growth and the plasticity of root development.


POSITION 1- The successful applicant will investigate the function of the
plant TCTP protein in the regulation of cellular growth and proliferation
and the coordinated development of roots and shoot, using both Arabidopsis
and cereals as model systems. We are particularly interested in elucidating
the role of TCTP in the interplay between endogenous and exogenous signals
during development under changing environmental conditions. The project
follows from our recent work in Arabidopsis (Berkowitz et al.2008, Plant
Cell, 20:3430-3447) where TCTP was identified as a controller of seedling
growth, root development and tip growth and a likely mediator of TOR
activity as in non-plant eukaryotes. The ideal candidate should have a
strong background and demonstrated experience in the area of gene
regulation, signal transduction and cell/developmental biology. Experience
in genetics and bioinformatics would be valuable.


POSITION 2 relates to the role of phospholipids and lipid signalling in
plant development and root function. We are specifically interested in
phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PEAMT) enzymes which in plants is
thought to exert a major control on the de novo synthesis of
phosphatidylcholine, the dominant membrane phospholipid as in most
eukaryotes. We have identified a novel PEAMT isoform in wheat and
demonstrated specificity within the family as well as novel regulatory
processes of  PEAMTs (Jost et al. 2009, JBC in press). The successful
applicant will further investigate the function and regulation of plant
PEAMTs using a combination of genetic, biochemical and physiological tools
and genetic material readily available in my lab, including for a
comparative genomic approach between cereals and model organisms. Strong
background and demonstrated experience in biochemistry and in molecular
genetics, including protein biochemistry are required. Experience in
research related to stress signalling and/or cell biology would be an


Both positions are for 3 years.


Enquiries: Josette Masle, Tel: +61 2 6125 4410, Email:
Josette.Masle from anu.edu.au


Interested applicants should apply on line.

Further information on the positions and selection criteria are also
available on line:

http://jobs.anu.edu.au/PositionDetail.aspx?p=921  for position 1, reference
# A395-09TG


http://jobs.anu.edu.au/PositionDetail.aspx?p=922  for position 2, reference
# A394-09TG


Josette Masle

Research School of Biology

College of Medicine, Biology and the Environment

The Australian National University

GPO Box 475

Canberra ACT2601


Tel +61 2 6125 4410



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