[Arabidopsis] Post-Doctoral Associate position to study miRNAs and nodule development (@ SDSU, Brookings, SD)

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Post Doctoral Associate - miRNAs in nodulation

A post doctoral associate position to study the role of miRNAs and auxin si=
gnaling during symbiotic nodule development is available in the Department =
of Plant Science at South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD. Species-s=
pecific association between legumes and rhizobia bacteria leads to the deve=
lopment of nitrogen-fixing root nodules. The role of miRNA-regulated auxin =
signaling in nodule development is largely unknown (See Subramanian et al. =
2008 BMC Genomics 9: 160; Simon et al. 2009 Plant Physiol). Dr. Subramanian=
=92s lab is interested in understanding this process using a combination of=
 genomic and molecular approaches.
The position offers excellent opportunities for training in plant-symbiont =
interactions, hormone physiology, molecular biology, microscopy and genomic=
s. The ideal candidate would possess a recent Ph.D. degree in plant science=
 or related area, be self-motivated with a desire to learn novel research t=
echniques, have the ability to perform laboratory experiments in an organiz=
ed manner, be efficient in proper documentation of results and be able to c=
ommunicate well in English. Expertise in plant and bacterial DNA/RNA isolat=
ion, gene expression assays (Northern analysis and qRTPCR), molecular cloni=
ng, bacterial and plant culture techniques and fluorescence microscopy is d=
esired but not essential. SDSU=92s research facilities include a functional=
 genomics core, micro-imaging facility with confocal and laser micro-dissec=
tion scopes and a mass-spectrometry facility capable of analyzing both prot=
eins and small molecules. Other opportunities available for career enhancem=
ent include training in undergraduate/graduate teaching, scientific writing=
 and research presentations.
Interested applicants please send a cover letter stating your research inte=
rests and a detailed CV that includes list of publications, brief descripti=
on of Ph.D. and/or post-doctoral research projects and contact information =
for at least three references to Dr. Sen Subramanian (Senthil.Subramanian from s=
dstate,edu<mailto:Senthil.Subramanian from sdstate,edu>; Phone: 605-688-5623). A=
pplications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found.

Senthil Subramanian,
Assistant Professor,
Plant Science Department,

Office: NPB245D, Lab: NPB137
South Dakota State University,
Brookings, SD, 57007

Phone: 605-688-5623
Fax: 605-688-4452

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