[Arabidopsis] Removal of the lower epidermal layer from mature rosette leaves?

Antony Martin via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by Antony.Martin from newcastle.edu.au)
Wed Oct 21 19:53:09 EST 2009

Dear Arabidopsis community,

We are looking for a method to conveniently remove the lower epidermal layer (and preferably mesophyll) from mature rosette leaves.  This is for a high throughput screen so the procedure needs to be relatively simple.  We have tried floating leaves o/n on pectinase or physically peel away the epidermis, but the latter is way too tedious for the numbers of leaves we need to process. Scraping on fine sandpaper has not worked for us either.  If anyone has ideas or proven methods we would be glad to hear.

Thanks,  Antony 

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