[Arabidopsis] Postdoctoral position in protein biochemistry and two Ph.D. Research Assistantships in protein biochemistry/bioinformatics available.

Ling Li via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by liling from iastate.edu)
Thu Apr 1 22:03:29 EST 2010

   The Wurtele Laboratory at Iowa State University is seeking candidates
   to fill three positions: a Postdoctoral Research Associate and a Ph.D.
   Research Assistant in protein biochemistry, and a Ph.D. Research
   Assistant in bioinformatics, to begin immediately or summer/fall 2010.
   The selected candidates will join a team of scientists working to
   uncover novel signaling interactions in plant metabolic networks, in a
   project recently funded by the National Science Foundation
   The protein biochemistry candidates will work with Arabidopsis and
   focus on identification of proteins that interact with known or
   candidate proteins of the starch regulatory network, functional
   characterization of candidate genes, and elucidation of
   protein-protein interactions. Possible biochemical approaches include,
   but are not limited to, protein expression and purification, protein
   structure determination, yeast-two-hybrid screening,
   co-immunoprecipitation and Tandem Affinity Purification. The
   bioinformatics candidates will model metabolic and regulatory
   Postdoctoral Research Associate applicants are expected to have a
   Ph.D. degree; the protein biochemistry Ph.D. Research Assistant
   applicants are expected to preferably have a master’s degree in
   biochemistry or= a related field. The bioinformatics applicants are
   expected to have strong skills in computer languages and some
   knowledge of or interest in learning about biological networks. For
   the protein biochemistry candidates: publication record should
   demonstrate expertise in protein engineering and protein functional
   characterization; signal transduction and bioinformatics expertise is
   a plus.
   Applications should include a cover letter highlighting qualifications
   and research interests, current CV, publication list, transcripts, GRE
   and TOEFL (non-native speakers of English) scores (not required for
   Postdoctoral Research Associate applicants), and three letters of
   reference from persons familiar with your professional qualifications,
   include your dissertation advisor as one of the three. For more
   information regarding application submission or project details,
   please contact Dr. Ling Li at [2]liling from iastate.edu.

   Li L, Foster C, Gan Q, Nettleton D, James MG, Myers AM, and Wurtele ES
   (2009) Identification of the novel protein QQS as a component of the
   starch metabolic network in Arabidopsis leaves.  Plant Journal, 58:
   485-498. (Online at
   TART )
   Mentzen W, Wurtele ES. (2008) Regulon Organization of Arabidopsis. BMC
   Plant Biology. 8:99. (Online at


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