[Arabidopsis] Re: Petri Dish Racks

SaraN via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by passiflora42 from yahoo.com)
Thu Dec 23 16:10:12 EST 2010

On Nov 15, 3:52 pm, SaraN <passiflor... from yahoo.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know of a product that would holdpetridish racks
> vertically?  We are growing Arabadopsis on plates in various solutions
> and need them to be vertical so they grow upright.  Thanks in advance.

Hello All!  I got many good suggestions, mostly handmade.  I love how
creative science can be.  Then I stumbled onto a test tube rack that
fits petri dishes perfectly.  I ordered it from Fisher and it is, TEST
TUBE SUPPORT 22-25MM, Catalog number 14-781-18.  I think most racks
designed for 22-25 MM test tubes would work well.

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