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A Postdoc Position at University of Maryland
An NSF-funded Research Associate (Postdoctoral) position is immediately
available in the laboratory of Dr. Shunyuan Xiao at the Center for
Biosystems Research, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute in
Rockville, MD. The successful candidate will work in a research team
investigating the molecular warfare at the host-pathogen interface using the
Arabidopsis-Powdery Mildew interaction as the model pathosystem. The project
is based on our exciting findings that the broad-spectrum resistance protein
RPW8 (Science, 291:118-120) is specifically targeted to the enigmatic
extrahaustorial membrane formed between the host cell and the fungal feeding
structure, the haustorium (Plant Cell, 212:2898-2913). Ongoing work will
focus on understanding the molecular mechanism activated by RPW8 at the
interfacial membrane and engineering novel interface-focused disease
resistance using RPW8 as a delivery vehicle. 
The Center for Biosystems Research (CBR), University of Maryland
Biotechnology Institute, is located on the Shady Grove Campus with excellent
research facilities including new walk-in plant growth chambers, an onsite
new greenhouse, a Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope, and outstanding
resources for conducting X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and
biophysical measurements. 
Highly motivated candidates with a PhD in Molecular Biology and/or
Biochemistry are encouraged to apply; excellent English language skill is
required and experience in protein biochemistry and/or confocal microscopy
is a plus. 
To apply please visit http://www.umbi.umd.edu/jobs (referencing position#
301037) and follow the links. For informal inquiry or additional information
about the job, please contact Dr. Shunyuan Xiao (xiao from umbi.umd.edu)
UMBI is an EEO/ADA/AA Employer.
Shunyuan Xiao
Center for Biosystems Research
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
9600 Gudelsky Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel: 240-314-6480 (O), 6482 (L)
Fax:240-314-6255;  Email :  <mailto:Xiao from umbi.umd.edu> Xiao from umbi.umd.edu
URL: http://shadygrove.umbi.umd.edu/xiaogroup/

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