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I sent Sara a reply earlier, but just realized I didn't reply to the
listserv. Basically we use similar approaches to what Tobias described - my
reply to Sara is below.

Hi Sara,

We use three cheap methods and all work fine. First - the two super cheap,
probably don't have to buy anything options:
1) If you have some of those flats that are split up into multiple wells
(like 6X6 or something along those lines), you can flip it upside down and
wedge the plates in the cracks on the bottom - sounds pretty low rent, but
it works like a charm and only requires the effort of a flipping motion.
2) If you have an extra metal rack from the standard light shelving used in
most labs, just place it on top of your existing shelving and put the plates
in the cracks - this is my favorite option. We have one old piece of
shelving from who knows where and it holds many plates in our standard
growth room. [The baking supply store racks idea from Tobias sounds like a
great solution if you don't have any old shelving lying around]
3) Costs a few bucks option: If you are handy or have a handy person in your
department, just take a 4" tall piece of flat plexiglass sheet cut to your
preferred length (we have one that is 2.5-3 feet long) and find a few square
wood blocks that can be attached to the back (like a scrap piece from the
end of a 2"X4"). Cut one side of the block to get the desired angle of the
sheet once it is attached. For each block, drill a couple of holes through
the plexiglass and attach the block to the back of the sheet with wood
screws. To keep the plates sitting on the front side of the plexiglass sheet
you can epoxy a strip of plexiglass dowel at the bottom edge. If you don't
have any wood scraps, you can also cut a thin strip of plexiglass and use
heat to bend it to your desired angle and then epoxy 2-3 such strips to the
back of the flat sheet.


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