[Arabidopsis] Arabidopsis fertility problems

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Mon Aug 1 18:39:28 EST 2011

Dear Arabidopsis community,

We've observed a sporadic problem with Arabidopsis fertility in our
growth rooms, that may be due to a disease or some other abiotic issue,
and we're curious about whether others have seen anything similar.

The plants show no obvious phenotypes prior to bolting.  The plants
still look healthy up until the first siliques should be elongating.
After this point, few siliques elongate, and those that do are still
shorter than they should be and have few seeds.  There is reduced
abscission of floral organs, and many flowers appear to brown and dry
prematurely.  Some siliques show browning in a circle towards the top,
(but not necessarily the tip).  Many of the stems seem thinner and some
stems show browning and drying right before the floral buds.  It is seen
across both transgenic and wild type Columbia lines.  It is seen with
multiple soil lots, and in multiple growthrooms that have
different intensity of lighting.  It is variable, but generally more 
consistent within a flat than between flats.

If anyone has seen the like, please let me know, particularly if you 
know what to do about it.  I'll post a summary of any useful responses.


Lynne Reuber

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