[Arabidopsis] Arobidopsis Gene Expression is newly updated

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Thu Aug 4 17:07:37 EST 2011

Dear colleagues:
We have put new NCBI GEO dataset into
Arabidopsis Gene Expression Browser (GEB, http://www.ExpressionBrowser.com).
Current GEB includes 436 microarray experiments (http://
arab/index.jsp?tab=1), 2007 pairs of treatment over control (T/C) and
45,460,330 ratios. All ratios are  tested by t-test and thus each
ratio is shown with its p-value. We can search and visualize gene
expression profiles from Gene View (to view how the 2007 experimental
conditions affect a gene) and T/C View (to view the expression changes
of 22180 genes in a condition). We also establish co-responsive
network of genes and co-regulation network of experimental conditions
network). At current time, user can only view “related genes” (e.g.
PR-1 gene has 229 co-responsive genes at
http://expressionbrowser.com/arab/displayFeature.jsp?id=1001343) or
“related conditions” (e.g. the treatment “16 hr Pseudomonas infection”
has 290 co-regulation conditions at http://expressionbrowser.com/arab/displayPair.jsp?id=2056966).
We are now working on developing network view of the two networks and
will release the network views in 2012.
Your suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.
GEB development team

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