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Two 3-year European Research Council-funded post-doctoral positions are available immediately in the Dean group at the John Innes Centre, Norwich. These individuals will join a team analysing aspects of vernalization and flowering time in Arabidopsis (http://www.jic.ac.uk/staff/caroline-dean).

An early step in the vernalization process is the up-regulation of non-coding transcripts to the floral repressor gene, FLC. This is followed by a cold-induced accumulation of a modified Polycomb Response Complex 2 (PRC2) at one site in the large intron (nucleation event). This PRC2 complex is associated with three different PHD proteins and results in a progressive increase in H3K27me3 at the nucleation site. At a certain point the accumulated H3K27me3 causes the locus to flip into an epigenetically silenced state. One of the new appointments will continue analysing the role of the non-coding RNAs in the silencing process, whereas the other will focus on the nucleation process including the role of the PHD proteins.

The applicants will require a PhD in genetics or molecular biology, good experience in genetics or molecular biology (but not necessarily with plant experience), demonstrable scientific success, good oral and written communication and excellent team-working skills.  Salary will be dependent on experience within the range £26,610 - £29,566.
Please contact Caroline Dean (caroline.dean from bbsrc.ac.uk) with expressions of interest.

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