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Hi Linda,

We do a lot of LED plant growth for Arabidopsis, strawberry and with tissue culture.  You can buy some sophisticated LED-based setups to grow your Arabidopsis plants.  However, my feeling is that you are better off making your incandescent fixtures humidity proof.  

At this point the dollars/fluence rate ratio is still unfavorable for wide application.  We routinely illuminate 30 cm x 30 cm areas with discrete waveband combinations from LED at fluence rates that maintain Arabidopsis. It costs about $100 to do this using a do-it-yourself solution. 

Our main growth rooms still are all fluorescent. 

I do have a huge set of LED spot lights that emit red-blue.  They were given to me by a manufacturer because they were mis-configured for 110V and require some special considerations when attaching to AC.  If you have someone that can do the wiring I'd be willing to donate the bulbs if you would be willing to cover the shipping.  It also depends on how many you need as well- a chamber might not be too bad.

There are some new technologies that are on the horizon and they are impressive.  As demand increases, production costs drop and materials improve you'll see great solutions. For now, you can't beat the bulb. 


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Does anyone grow adult Arabidopsis with LED as a light source?  We
currently use incandescent light bulbs, but the expensive fixtures are
damaged quickly due to the the high humidity in the chamber.  This is why
we are considering changing to LED lighting, if cost effective.  I would
appreciate if anyone has any advice regarding Arabidopsis growth with
LEDs. Any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
for reading.

Linda Robles
NCSU, Department of Genetics

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