[Arabidopsis] Membership drive for EPIC, a new epigenetics and epigenomics user community

Doris Wagner via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by wagnerdo from sas.upenn.edu)
Mon Mar 21 07:01:13 EST 2011

EPIC, the Epigenomics of Plants International Consortium, is a new  
initiative supporting the efforts of the international community  
studying epigenomics and epigenetics in plants. EPIC is currently  
funded by a research collaborative network grant from the NSF. The  
goal of EPIC is to identify key intellectual questions, potentially  
transformative methodologies, training needs, and infrastructure needs  
of the epigenomics community and then communicate these needs to  
funding agencies internationally in order to establish a coordinated  
plant epigenomics initiative. We invite all individuals interested in  
the rapidly expanding fields of epigenetics and epigenomics to join in  
this effort by becoming a member of EPIC. After self-registering at  
the EPIC website (https://www.plant-epigenome.org/), community members  
will be able to participate in online surveys and discussion groups  
that will identify the community's priorities and will shape the  
mission of EPIC. In addition to registering, we ask community members  
to please spread the word about EPIC, urging friends, colleagues and  
professional contacts to also register as members of EPIC.

Rob Martienssen, Craig Pikaard, and Doris Wagner

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