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A four year Position as PhD Research fellow at the Department of 
Molecular Biosciences, University of Oslo (http://www.imbv.uio.no/)is 

The fellowship is for a period of up to 4 years, with 25 % compulsory 
work. Starting date no later than 01.10.2011.

The project focuses on molecular mechanisms of cell-to-cell 
communication through peptide ligand-receptor signaling in developmental 
processes. During growth and development cells in multicellular 
organisms can communicate by secreting ligands that bind to 
membrane-bound receptors of neighbouring cells. The model plant 
Arabidopsis thaliana has more than 400 such receptors, but only eight 
ligand-receptor pairs have so far been identified (Butenko et al., 
Trends Plant Sci, 2009). One of these is the small peptide INFLORESCENCE 
DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION (IDA), which signals through the receptors HAESA 
(HAE) and HEASA-LIKE 2 (HSL2) (Stenvik et al., Plant Cell, 2008). 
Mutations in the IDA gene result in plants without normal floral organ 
loss (abscission). Gene expression patterns indicate that members of the 
gene family encoding IDA-LIKE (IDL) genes (IDL1-5) are involved in other 
developmental processes spanning from root architecture to reproduction.

The PhD project is part of the Aalen lab's effort to identify novel 
ligand-receptor pairs, and to decipher the signaling pathway(s) from the 
IDA/IDL ligands, via their receptors and MAP kinase cascade to the 
transcription factors controlling the genes involved in the respective 
developmental processes. The Aalen lab collaborate with Norwegian groups 
(Dr. Paul Grini, University of Oslo; Professor Atle Bones, Norwegian 
University of Science and Technology) as well as research groups in 
Nottingham (UK), Tübingen (Germany), and USA. Research visits to 
collaborating partners may be an opportunity for the PhD-student.


Applicants must hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in molecular 
biology, molecular genetics or biochemistry. The applicant must be 
qualified for the doctoral program within these disciplines. The 
successful applicant should have skills and experience in one or more of 
the following areas: DNA/RNA methods, including cloning and recombinant 
DNA technology; genetic methods in Arabidopsis thaliana, e.g. using 
T-DNA insertion, RNAi and/or reporter lines; imaging techniques, 
especially confocal microscopy; and/or protein techniques relevant to 
ligand-receptor interaction studies.

Application deadline:

April 15th. 2011

For further details please see: 

All applications need to be submitted electronically, see:


For inquiries contact Reidunn Aalen: reidunn.aalen from imbv.uio.no
or Melinka Butenko: m.a.butenko from imbv.uio.no

Dr. Melinka Butenko
University of Oslo
Institute of Molecular Biosciences
Postbox 1041 Blindern
0316 Oslo.

e-mail:m.a.butenko from imbv.uio.no
office phone: +47 22 85 45 73

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