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3 year Postdoctoral Research Position

This project is focused on the development of new plant breeding =
technologies through the manipulation of chromosome behavior. This =
researcher will use Arabidopsis thaliana as a model to generate and test =
a variety of modified centromeric proteins for effects on centromere =
function, including roles in mitosis and meiosis.  The resulting data =
will provide insights into the relationship of protein structure to =
centromeric function and may provide a new methodology for =
haploidization of a variety of crop species.

The candidate should be familiar with cloning and in vitro mutagenesis =
techniques and have an interest in chromosome biology.  Skills in =
cytogenetics, and/or protein biochemistry are also desirable.  This =
project will be performed at the Dept. of Plant Biology at the =
University of California, Davis, under the supervision of Dr. Anne Britt =
as part of a collaborative effort with the lab of Dr. Simon Chan.  With =
over 100 plant-focused research groups and a strong program in general =
chromosome biology, UC Davis provides an excellent environment for the =
study of chromosome biology in plants.  Davis is a small college town =
located in the northern Central Valley of California.  It is 20=92 from =
the state capitol (Sacramento), and 1hr 20=92 from San Francisco.

 Applications should be submitted in electronic form, and should include =
a CV and three letters of reference.  Inquiries and applications should =
include the subject line =93Postdoctoral Position=94 and should be sent =


Dr. Anne Britt

abbritt from ucdavis.edu

1 530-752-0699=

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