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IASPRR Membership Renewal
Dear IASPRR member,
The International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction Research (IASPRR)
has now entered its 3rd decade. The new board of the society is determined to
revitalize the society, organize more workshops and inform its members about
developments in the field via a new newsletter. We aim to collect many new
members and thus aim to promote the impact of plant reproduction research in
the scientific and general community.
As a first step we have redesigned the website that now also contains a “News”
section advertising workshops, courses, conferences etc. in the field. We are
happy to include and advertise the scientific events that you are organizing
and any suggestions for “Education and Research links” are welcome as well.
Please have a look at:
Please send an email directly to me (thomas.dresselhaus from biologie.uni-r.de) if
you have suggestions to further improve the website and for adding scientific
We are also establishing a new database of society members. It is therefore
necessary that ALL society members fill in the “Membership Form”, which you’ll
find at “Membership > New Membership > Membership Form”.  In order to benefit
from reduced conference and workshop fees, society newsletter etc. we urgently
need an updated member list that we can forward to organizers of scientific
events, Springer Verlag etc.
Please use the occasion and renew your membership!! An online payment system
was installed for easy transfer of your annual dues via PayPal. You don’t have
to be a PayPal member, they just process your money. You can also become a
lifetime member of the society (Lifetime membership is only €200!). We are
proud that we could welcome the first 14 lifetime members in the past two
We are also proud to announce that the journal of our society “Sexual Plant
Reproduction” has received an impact factor of 2.68 last year and we are
convinced that there is a lot of potential to further increase the importance
of the journal. 
Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the 22nd International
Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction that will take place from February 13-17,
2012 in Melbourne, Australia. Theme of the conference is “Plant Reproduction
for Food”.
Many thanks and please fill in the Membership Form as soon as possible,
Best wishes,
Thomas Dresselhaus
(current president of IASPRR) 
For inquiries about IASPRR membership, fees etc. please send an email to
member from iasprr.org
Veronika Mrosek
on behalf of Prof. Dr. Thomas Dresselhaus
(current President of IASPRR)
e-mail: IASPRR.org

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