[Arabidopsis] Update on the International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium

Joanna Friesner via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by jdfriesner from ucdavis.edu)
Sat Jan 7 19:07:39 EST 2012

Dear Arabidopsis community,

Please see the new website for the International Arabidopsis Informatics
Consortium (IAIC):

(1) The website details the recently-concluded 'Design Workshop', attended
by 37 international participants, whose aim was to develop requirements for
a new Arabidopsis information Portal (AIP). Presentations from the workshop
are available at the site
(http://www.arabidopsisinformatics.org/design-workshop-2011/). Attendees are
developing a white paper for release in the near future.

(2) Selection of the IAIC Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is underway and
should be announced by the end of January.

(3) An IAIC workshop is scheduled for PAG 2012 in San Diego. The community
is invited to attend and learn about the Design Workshop, next steps for the
AIP, and transitions at TAIR
(http://www.arabidopsisinformatics.org/meetings-opportunities/). The IAIC
welcomes interactions and feedback from the community through workshops and
other means (arabidopsisinformatics from gmail.com).

The IAIC was formed by Arabidopsis community members in 2010 following two
international workshops convened to address (1) planned reductions in
funding for TAIR and (2) mechanisms to develop a new model for
technological, financial, and organizational sustainability of a
community-oriented international Arabidopsis informatics consortium.

Best regards,
Joanna Friesner, Ph.D.
NAASC Coordinator
(on behalf of IAIC Interim Director, Blake Meyers)

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