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An NSF-funded postdoctoral research position is available in the Department of Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University. We have recently discovered in Arabidopsis the first plant nuclear envelope bridging complex, which connects the nucleoplasm and cytoplasm by direct interactions in the nuclear envelope lumen. In animals and fungi, these complexes are involved in nuclear positioning and anchoring and their loss leads to developmental and neural defects, involving heritable human diseases. The plant complexes are evolutionary only distantly related to their animal counterparts, and we have begun a broad program of their structural and functional investigation, involving roles in pollen development, plant-microbe interactions, and other nuclear-movement related processes in plant. This work combines computational, cellular, molecular, and genetic investigations.

The successful postdoctoral candidate has a Ph.D. in plant molecular genetics or biochemistry, preferably with experience in Arabidopsis, first-author publications in widely respected scientific journals, and is proficient in written and spoken English. Experience in state-of-the-art live imaging or proteomic techniques is a plus.

To apply, please submit by email to meier.56 from osu.edu<mailto:meier.56 from osu.edu>:
1. A cover letter outlining your experiences and reasons for interest in this position.
2. A CV including contact information for three references.

1.Zhou X, Meier I (2013) How Plants LINC the SUN to KASH. Nucleus 4(3):206-215.
2.Zhou X, Graumann K, Evans DE, Meier I. (2012). Novel plant SUN-KASH bridges are involved in RanGAP anchoring and nuclear shape determination. J. Cell Biol. 196(2):203-211.
3.Zhao, Q, Brkljacic, J, and Meier, I. (2008) Two distinct, interacting classes of nuclear envelope-associated coiled-coil proteins are required for the tissue-specific nuclear envelope targeting of Arabidopsis RanGAP. Plant Cell 20, 1639-1651.
4.Xu X, Meulia T and Meier I. (2007). Anchorage of Plant RanGAP to the Nuclear Envelope Involves Novel Nuclear-Pore-Associated Proteins. Curr Biol. 17: 1157-1163.

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