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35th New Phytologist Symposium: The genomes of forest trees =96 new frontie=
rs of forest biology
Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA. 16=9617 June 2015


On behalf of the New Phytologist Trust and symposium organisers we are plea=
sed to invite you to participate in a symposium entitled =91The genomes of =
forest trees =96 new frontiers of forest biology=92.

Travel grants are available for students and early career scientists. Appli=
cation deadline 13th MARCH 2015.

Poster abstract submissions are open. Submission deadline 10th APRIL 2015

New genomic technologies are bringing previously intractable but fascinatin=
g aspects of forest tree biology to the forefront of plant biology. Complet=
ed and ongoing sequencing projects are providing extensive expressed gene a=
nd even full genome sequence resources for tree species from diverse taxa. =
At the same time, creative applications of genomic and sequencing technolog=
ies are producing tools capable of probing the fundamental processes respon=
sible for woody growth and other unique biological processes in trees. Amon=
g the most promising but largely unexplored areas of research is the use of=
 comparative evolutionary genomics approaches that can illuminate key regul=
atory processes and how they have evolved over macro- and micro-evolutionar=
y history. For example, the evolutionary innovations leading to the vast ar=
ray of woody growth forms in extant plants are almost entirely unknown at t=
he genetic level, but could soon be elucidated using comparative genomics a=

We will bring together researchers who are exploring the frontiers of tree =
evolution, ecology, and development using next generation sequencing, genom=
ics, and systems biology approaches. Together, we hope to inspire new ideas=
 for collaborative research that will bring together currently disjoint res=
earch communities, and usher in a new era of genome-based forest biology. U=
ltimately, the approaches and insights from genome-based forest biology wil=
l inform us how to address problems ranging from forest conservation during=
 climate change to tailoring of tree-based biofuels feedstocks.

The symposium will take place over two days at the Arnold Arboretum of Harv=
ard University, Boston, MA, USA. There will be dedicated time for discussio=
ns, posters, selected poster talks, a conference dinner and a tour of the A=
rboretum=92s collections.

William Friedman             Arboretum of Harvard University, Boston, USA
Andrew Groover              USDA Forest Service and University of Californi=
a, Davis, USA

Peter Crane                        Yale University, New Haven, USA

Siobhan Brady                   University of California, Davis, USA
Taku Demura                     Nara Institute of Science and Technology, N=
ara, Japan
Steve DiFazio                     West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA
Carl Douglas                       University of British Columbia, Vancouve=
r, Canada
William Friedman             Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Boston=
Andrew Groover              USDA Forest Service and University of Californi=
a, Davis, USA
Yk=E4 Helariutta                    University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finla=
Isabelle Henry                   University of California, Davis, USA
Nathalie Isabel Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Qu=E9bec=
, Canada
Catherine Kidner              University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
Francis Martin                   INRA, Nancy, France
David Neale                        University of California, Davis, USA
Nathaniel Street               Ume=E5 University, Ume=E5, Sweden
Jill Wegrzyn                        University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA
Matthew Zinkgraf            USDA Forest Service, Davis, USA

Steve Strauss                     Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA

Programme, registration and further information available at
Contact: Helen Pinfield-Wells np-symposia from lancaster.ac.uk

New Phytologist Trust website: www.newphytologist.org  Twitter: @NewPhyt  F=
acebook: fb.com/NewPhytologist G+: https://www.google.com/+NewphytologistOr=

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