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Fri Jan 30 09:29:55 EST 2015

Greetings from the Araport Team.

Here's what's new at Araport:

ThaleMine was updated to version 1.2.1 on 07 Jan 2015. ThaleMine is available at https://apps.araport.org/thalemine/

Database Changes

*         ThaleMine incorporates TAIR curated data through 12/31/2013 (the latest public release). Compared to ThaleMine 1.2, this version has 260 new gene symbols, 202 new gene descriptions, 19 new or updated curator summary fields, and 6 new or updated computational description fields.

*         GO annotations from geneontology.org, updated to release 11/10/2014

*         Curated (SwissProt) and Computationally derived (trEMBL) protein data from Uniprot, updated to release 2014_11

*         Protein domain data from InterPro, updated to release v49.0. Protein domains now include coordinates (signatures) from InterPro protein2ipr.

*         Homology data from Panther, updated to release v9.0

 *   Gene-to-publication mapping from NCBI gene2pubmed, updated to release 12/10/2014
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