Array Software?

Dile Holton dholton at packardbioscience.com
Tue Aug 14 14:54:24 EST 2001


Your application can have an influence on the software that works best
for you. If you work in a flat file environment (Excel) then there are
many visualization tool packages that will quantitate spot intensity
from a scanner image.  QuantArray from Packard BioChip reads basic
tiff images into a software program that can graph and report raw and
processed intensity values for gene expression experiments. 
QuantArray also has spot quality measurements that allow you to
monitor the quality of your arrays. This and other programs are basic
image analysis programs with some graphings and statistical
capability.  For everyday experiment analysis they are useful.

However, if you require analysis tools up to and including gene
clustering, Eisen profiles, PCA analyses, etc. there are other
programs available (Spotfire, etc.).  Most do not have a true
microarray database capability, however.  Later this year several new
programs are scheduled to appear that integrate spotting, hybridizing,
scanning and quantitation data into a database and allow the more
complex time course kind of analysis.

I hope this helps.

Dile Holton, Ph.D.

Deano <rilecode at NO_SPAMchemist.com> wrote in message news:<20fgmtk2150797pdsiu14dc4tot3bmetia at 4ax.com>...
> Does anyone have experience with the different array software.  We are
> looking at Rosetta Resolver and Incyte's software.  Are there others
> that are just as good for far less?
> Comments suggestions!!!!
> Thanks,
> Deano

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