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Dear Group we received numerous questions regarding details about the Access
Grid. Please e-mail me if you need more clarifications.

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What is the Access Grid technology?

The Access Grid is a virtual collaboration tool designed to create a
compelling interactive system that facilitates collaboration between
physically separated spaces. The design creates an atmosphere that enhances
the exchange of ideas and open lines of communications. This is accomplished
through the careful marriage of audio, video and graphical tools configured
in the Access Grid creating an environment that allows the participants to
feel as if they are engaged personally rather than in the stiff structured
environment of a typical videoconference. The Access Grid design point is
group-to-group communication (thus differentiating it from desktop to
desktop based tools that focus on individual communication). The Access Grid
environment must enable both formal and informal group interactions.
Large-format displays integrated with intelligent or active meeting rooms
are a central feature of the Access Grid nodes. Cameras are placed so that
there is full coverage of the participants in the room with primary and
secondary views. The system uses multiple camera angles to provide an
environment that simulates physically being in the room as opposed to a
videoconference's talking-head delivery.

For a sample picture:

For a sample video on protein microarrays

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