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-A Guide to Microarray Hardware
The selection of appropriate microarray hardware and experimental
Strategies are critical for a successful microarray project.
This review provides a comprehensive comparison of commercial
manual and robotic arrayers and scanners, but also discuss the
hidden cost behind microarray experiment, the strategies of choosing
the right options and alternatives to buying hardwares to avoid
unnecessary expenditures

-Possible Treatment for Graft-versus-Host Disease
An experimental treatment currently under development by Celmed
BioSciences, a Montreal-based cell therapy company and subsidiary of
Theratechnologies, has been shown to prevent Graft-versus-Host Disease
(GvHD), an extremely severe and frequent condition associated with
allogenic bone marrow transplants (from non-compatible donor), while
preserving the immune response and the anti-cancer effect that are
sought in bone marrow transplants.

-Btech Investor News
BTECH NEWS, published by Btech Investor, Inc, highlights selected events
in the life sciences sector that the Btech Investor team believes are
particularly relevant to biotechnology investors. The Btech Investor team
combines scientific, clinical, and business experience to perform
comprehensive analysis of the biotechnology industry and to identify
future industry leaders.

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==========================================================================='s InFocus Webcast, "DNA Microarrays: Platforms and
Applications," has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, December 12 at
1:00 pm Pacific Time (4PM ET).  We regret any inconvenience this
may have caused.

To join us for this discussion, go to:


-Aldo Massimi
cDNA Microarray Facility
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Bronx, New York

-Robert Nadon
Director of Applications and Informatics
Imaging Research, Inc.
St. Catherines, Ontario

Event sponsored by:
-Integrated DNA Technologies:  (

If you would like to submit questions to the panelists,
please forward them to mailto:rfreder at

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live webcast, go to:

** To read the pdf transcript of our recent webcast,
"Cell-Based Assays in Drug Discovery & Development," go to:

=========================================================================== offers the most comprehensive online Career Center in the life
sciences industry.

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1. Leading Genetics Company:  Director of Genetics

2. Leading Biotech company:  Chief Operating Officer

3. Perlegen Sciences:  Research Associate

4. Biotechnology Company, Massachusetts:  Biochemist

5. Biotechnology Company, California:  Biochemist/ ELISA Specialist

6. Biotechnology Company: Flow Cytometry Specialist

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1.  Target Identification and Validation

2.  Drug Discovery Industry Review

3.  LABTrack Software

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SCO Financial Group, a registered investment advisor focused on
identifying emerging growth companies in the healthcare sectors,
has made its investment research available, for free, to online
investors at

1.  BioMarin Pharmaceutical

2.  Ilex Oncology, Inc.

3.  Cypress Bioscience, Inc.

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MegaBACE 4000 DNA Analysis System from Amersham Biosciences

384 capillaries:
   Four times the throughput
   Lowest sequencing cost per base
   More genomes per week
   Better efficiencies: less labor and less space

For more info on MegaBACE visit


Sponsored by:  BioITWorld Conference & Expo

When:   March 12-14, 2002
Where:  World Trade Center Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

BioITWorld is the most comprehensive life sciences event focused
Exclusively on the integration and utilization of information
Technologies and bioinformatics across the entire life sciences
discovery and development processes.

Pre-Register using Priority Code: BC01 for significant savings off all
conference programs at


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