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December 19th, 2001

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1.  InFocus: "DNA Microarrays: Platforms and Applications"
2.  Science News: "Attracting Venture Capital: A Focused Business Plan"
3.  Investment Research: Introducing Btech Investor
4.  Career Center: Set up your free personal profile today
5.  Jobs of the Week: "Merck:  Release Coordinator" and others
6.  Product Spotlight: Amersham's IN Cell Analyzer

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Attracting Venture Capital: A Focused Business Plan

What is the key difference between a successful business plan-one that
wins funding-and the unsuccessful plan-one that fails to persuade a
venture capital firm? In most business plans that Foragen reviews, the
common failing is their lack of focus.

A Biosecure Growth Chamber

SubTerra is an emerging biotechnology company in White Pine, Michigan,
which was founded in January of 2000. The remodeled White Pine mine is
now the site of a sophisticated growth chamber. The company targets
biopharmaceutical markets, which require the ability to produce large
quantities of pharmaceutically active plant material at an accelerated

Featured Enzyme: Glycogen Phosphorylase

Your muscles store enough glycogen to power your daily activities, and
your liver stores enough to feed your nervous system and other tissues
all through the day and on through the night. Sugar is released from
glycogen by the enzyme glycogen phosphorylase.

Common Antidepressants Have Similar Effectiveness

An Indiana University School of Medicine and Regenstrief Institute for
Healthcare study published in the December 19, 2001 issue of the Journal
of the American Medical Association has found that three of the most
commonly prescribed antidepressants are similar in effectiveness for
depressive symptoms.

Fish Provide Clues to New Species Origin

Although the threespine stickleback fish has been celebrated on the
currency of the Netherlands and been a star of a pioneering 1928 French
documentary film, the fish has found its most receptive audience with
biologists, who have been studying it for more than 100 years. In what
may be its most important role yet, the stickleback is being used as a
model by researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at
Stanford University to track the genetic changes that define a species,
a puzzle that until now could not be tested experimentally in vertebrate

Inflammation Control Mechanism Identified

After a decade of research, Michail Sitkovsky, Ph.D., and his coworkers
at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID),
may have answered one of the most perplexing questions in immunology:
how the body limits inflammation. Their finding, that particular cell
surface molecules sense runaway inflammation and tissue damage, appears
in the December 20, 2001 issue of the journal Nature.

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=========================================================================== is pleased to welcome Btech Investor and SCO Financial Group
as content partners.

Btech Investor provides consulting on the biotechnology industry to
the financial and biotechnology communities and publishes the Btech
Investor Reports and Btech Investor News.

For an example of Btech Investor's reports on the biotech industry, go to:

To purchase a subscription to Btech investor, or to browse and/or
purchase individual reports, visit the store:

SCO Financial Group, a registered investment advisor focused on
identifying emerging growth companies in the healthcare sectors,
has made its investment research available, for free, to online
investors at

For an example, read their latest report on Cytogen, Inc:

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Look at what's new on Career Center this week

1.  Merck:  Release Coordinator

2.  Gilead Sciences:  Manager, Clinical Data Programming

3.  Athersys:  Protein Chemistry - Scientist

4.  Biotechnology Company:  Research Associate, Organic Chemist

5.  Biopharmaceutical Company:  Director/Manager of Business Development

6.  Pharmaceutical:  Immunology Senior Scientist

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The IN Cell Analyzer from Amersham Biosciences

Amersham's IN Cell Analyzer is a confocal imaging system that makes it
possible to analyze both live and fixed cells very rapidly and at high
resolution to obtain information-rich subcellular data.

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