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-Featured Drug Target: Cyclooxygenase

What is the most commonly-taken drug today? It is an effective painkiller.
It reduces fever and inflammation when the body gets overzealous in its
defenses against infection and damage. It slows blood clotting, reducing
the chance of stroke and heart attack in susceptible individuals. And,
there is growing evidence that it is an effective addition to the fight
against cancer. This wonder drug is aspirin.

-Balancing Risks in the Licensing of Bioinformatics Tools

Bioinformatics is driven by the creation of IT tools that efficiently
manipulate the vast amount of data generated by life science research.
Bioinformatic research tools can be obtained through licensing agreements,
in-house development, or acquisition of a bioinformatics venture. Of these
choices, licensing agreements provide immediate access to current
computational tools and provide the flexibility to switch to new products
as the industry matures.

-Antitrust Lessons for Biotech

It seems that every day the newspapers report Microsoft's ongoing battles.
Bill Gates's defenders say "Let the software market perform it's own
shakeout." Others say Bill Gates is trying to monopolize the software
industry and that monopoly violates US antitrust laws. You might be
thinking, "How can antitrust have anything to do with me?
I'm not in the software business." Whether you are a senior executive
in a company or a researcher with a clever idea to patent, you might
want to spend some time thinking about antitrust laws.

-Cyclin B1 is Tumor Antigen, Cancer Vaccine Candidate

Results from a study published in the November 2001 issue of the Journal
of Experimental Medicine demonstrate that the protein cyclin B1 is a newly
identified tumor antigen that holds promise as a candidate for the
development of a cancer vaccine
See:  <>

-Deep-Sea Sequencing

Scientists funded in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and
affiliated from the University of Delaware and Amersham Biosciences, Inc.,
in Piscataway, New Jersey, have succeeded in conducting the first-ever DNA
sequencing experiments at sea. Using the research vessel Atlantis and
submersible Alvin, the team carried out a pioneering environmental genomic
study of the strange life that inhabits super-hot hydrothermal vents
almost two miles deep in the Pacific Ocean.

-Water Shows Surprising Behavior at Molecular Level

The well understood peculiarities of water make life possible, but this
most common fluid continues to surprise scientists. In an article
published in the November 8 issue of the journal Nature, two University
of Maine chemists and a scientist at the National Institutes of Health
offer a new view of how water behaves at the scale of individual
molecules, especially in tight spaces.

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*Our next InFocus feature, "Cell-Based Screening in Drug Discovery &
Development," begins with a panel discussion on Thursday, November 15 at
10:00am Pacific Time.

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