Postdoctoral position available at Wyeth Ayerst-Research, Princeton, NJ.

Christopher Aston ASTONC at war.wyeth.com
Thu Nov 8 10:05:28 EST 2001

A postdoctoral fellowship position focusing on technology development is available within the neuroscience transcriptional profiling group at Wyeth Ayerst Research. The role of the group is to use Affymetrix Genechips, real time quantitative PCR (Taqman) and laser capture microdissection to study gene expression patterns in model systems relevant to neuroscience programs. The successful candidate will become proficient in using these technologies and will develop related experimental approaches that can be used by other members in the group.

The work will focus specifically on issues related to transcription in the CNS. The projects include (1) design and use of exon-specific microarrays to investigate the role of alternate splicing in the CNS (2) development of high-throughput quantitative PCR schemes (3) development of internal standards and normalization schemes to reconcile microarray data with quantitative PCR data and (4) in silico analysis of promoter sequences in co-regulated genes identified by transcriptional profiling.

The ideal candidate will have laboratory experience in using molecular biology and genomic approaches. Experience with molecular biology software such as GCG is required. Candidates must be uninhibited in exploring the use of other bioinformatics tools. Familiarity using databases is a plus. Since this position will address issues that are specific to transcription in the CNS, a background in neuroscience is desirable. However, more importantly, candidates must be able to think creatively about experimental design and technology development. Ability to work interactively in a multidisciplinary team environment is required. If interested, please send your CV to: Christopher Aston, PhD, Wyeth-Ayerst Research, CN-8000, Princeton, NJ, 08543-8000, astonc at war.wyeth.com.


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