Bio.com Webcast: Cell-Based Screening in Drug Discovery & Development

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Tue Nov 13 20:53:01 EST 2001

Join us this Thursday to hear leading scientists discuss the impact of
cell-based screening in drug discovery and development.

Bio.com's InFocus webcast, "Cell-Based Screening in Drug Discovery &
Development," will be broadcast live on November 15 at 10:00am
Pacific Time (1PM ET).

To join us for this discussion, go to:


Paul Negulescu, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Discovery Biology
Aurora Biosciences Corporation

Ole Thastrup, M.Sc. Pharm
Chief Technology Officer
BioImage A/S

Fergus R. McKenzie, Ph.D.
Section Manager, Cell Biology
Cardiff Laboratories
Amersham Biosciences

-InFocus Sponsors:

Amersham Biociences (http://amershambiosciences.com/na/)
Cole Parmer (http://www.coleparmer.com/)


If you would like to submit questions to the panelists, please forward
them to rfreder at bio.com

** For complete instructions on how to tune in to Bio.com's
live webcast, go to:

** To listen to the audio file from our recent webcast on Therapeutic
Targets in Angiogenesis, go to:
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