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November 29, 2001

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1.  Biotech News & Features: "Gravity Affects Sperm Behavior"
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4.  Jobs of the Week: "Staff Scientist"
5.  Featured Employer:  Roche Molecular Systems
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7.  Investment Research: Free Investment Research from SCO Group
8.  Product Highlight:  MegaBACE 4000 DNA Analysis System


Gravity Affects Sperm Behaviour
According to Joseph Tash, a NASA-supported physiologist at the University
Of Kansas Medical Center, sperm behave differently in the near-weightless
environment of space than they do on Earth. Whether these changes will
impair or aid fertility, he doesn't yet know. But, says Tash, it's
becoming increasingly clear that in outer space, fertilization-of humans,
of animals, and even of plants-will very likely be affected.

Native Corn Found to be Contaminated with Foreign Genes
Some of Mexico's native varieties of corn grown in remote regions have
Been contaminated by transgenic DNA, a finding that has both surprised and
dismayed the University of California, Berkeley, researchers who made the

Bioinformatics Tool Predicts Higher Human Gene Number
In order to study genes for a wide variety of research, diagnostic, or
therapeutic purposes, scientists use computer programs that analyze DNA
sequences. These programs indicate where pieces of genes are located
within what is frequently a vast and complex genetic landscape. Although
conventional programs detect many parts of genes with ease, they fail when
it comes to detecting two important elements-first exons and promoters.

Hubble Detects Atmosphere on Distant Star
Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have made the first direct
detection and chemical analysis of the atmosphere of a planet outside our
solar system. Their unique observations demonstrate it is possible with
Hubble and other telescopes to measure the chemical makeup of extrasolar
planets' atmospheres and potentially to search for chemical markers of
life beyond Earth.

A Genomic-Systems Biology Map for Cardiovascular Function
By combining gene traits with biological functions, Medical College of
Wisconsin researchers have made the first global assessment of
cardiovascular function in rats. Their paper is published in the current
issue of Science.

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==========================================================================='s InFocus series examines the cutting-edge technologies that are
driving advances in the biomolecular sciences. InFocus content comprises
the latest methods and research trends in academia and industry and
features exclusive interviews and live, streaming audio webcasts with
leaders in the field.

*To listen to the audio file of our last panel webcast,
"Cell-Based Screening in Drug Discovery & Development,"
go to:
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*Our next InFocus feature, "DNA Microarrays: Platforms and Applications,"
begins with a panel webcast on Thursday, December 6 at 1:00pm
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*In the month of December we will host a special webcast on 'real world'
applications of PCR, including biodefense applications.
Date and time TBA.

=========================================================================== offers the most comprehensive online Career Center in the life
sciences industry.

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1.  Celera Diagnostics:  Staff Scientist

2.  Itrac, LLC:  Scientist Level I/II - Formulation

3.  Biotechnology Company, Missouri:  Business Applications Specialist

4.  European Biopharmaceutical Company, California:
Sr. Research Associate- Upstream Process Development

5.  Therapeutic Biotechnology Company, California:  Sr. Molecular

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At Roche Diagnostics, we use our Nobel prize-winning PCR technology to
push the limits of diagnostics for genetic and viral discoveries. We
currently are seeking capable and experienced individuals for our Alameda
and Pleasanton (Northern California) campuses.
We offer an excellent compensation and benefits program, including
matching 401(k), a pension plan, 100% tuition reimbursement, health club
discounts and childcare assistance.


1.  Target Identification and Validation

2.  Drug Discovery Industry Review

3.  LABTrack Software

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SCO Financial Group, a registered investment advisor focused on
identifying emerging growth companies in the healthcare sectors,
has made its investment research available, for free, to online investors

1.  Cytogen Corporation

2.  Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.

3.  Big Pharma's Pipelines Running Low-Eyes Turn to Biotech

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MegaBACE 4000 DNA Analysis System from Amersham Biosciences

384 capillaries:
   Four times the throughput
   Lowest sequencing cost per base
   More genomes per week
   Better efficiencies: less labor and less space

For more info on MegaBACE visit


Sponsored by:  BioITWorld Conference & Expo

When:   March 12-14, 2002
Where:  World Trade Center Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

BioITWorld is the most comprehensive life sciences event focused
Exclusively on the integration and utilization of information
Technologies and bioinformatics across the entire life sciences
discovery and development processes.

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