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Ion Channel Protein, CatSper, Controls Sperm Motility
An ion channel protein that plays a central role in sperm motility could
be an enticing target for a new type of contraceptive that could be taken
by either men or women to block fertilization. The newly discovered
protein, called CatSper, controls the flow of calcium into the tails of

Featured Molecules: Poliovirus and Rhinovirus
Viruses are biological hijackers. They attack a living cell and force it
to make many new viruses, often destroying the cell in the process.
Picornaviruses or "little RNA viruses,"  such as rhinovirus and poliovirus
are among the most simple viruses.  They are composed of a modular protein
shell, which seeks out and binds to a target cell surface, surrounding a
short piece of RNA, which contains all of the information needed to co-opt
the cell's machinery and direct the construction of new viruses.

Promising Results with Antisense Drug ISIS 2302
Data from a Phase II clinical trial demonstrated that the antisense drug
ISIS 2302 improved symptoms of patients with active distal ulcerative
colitis (UC). Patients receiving an enema formulation of ISIS 2302
experienced a dose-dependent reduction in disease activity index score
(DAI) and clinical activity index score (CAI).

Nanogen Receives U.S. Army Grant to Develop Biowarfare Detection Systems
Nanogen, Inc. (Nasdaq: NGEN) announced today that it has been awarded a
three-year, $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Army to continue development
of miniaturized electronic devices for isolating and detecting biological
warfare and infectious disease agents from human blood samples.

Mass Spectrometry: The Basics
Mass spectrometry has become a powerful tool for studying proteins, peptides
and proteomes. This article provides a brief overview of the basic concepts
involved, and lists the main instrument and software providers.

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