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Microarrays Identify Genetic Changes in Biofilms
Using a technology known as microarray analysis, University of Iowa
researchers and their collaborators at Harvard University, Northwestern
University and the University of Washington, Seattle, have identified a
subset of genes in a bacterium that behave differently when the organism
exists as a biofilm. These findings may lead scientists to the genetic
causes of increased antibiotic resistance in biofilms. The study results
appear in the October 25, 2001 issue of the journal Nature.

Anthrax Toxin Receptor Identified
Researchers at UW Medical School's McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research
and their collaborators at Harvard Medical School have found the receptor
that anthrax toxin binds to in order to enter cells. The finding, to
appear in the November 8, 2001 issue of Nature, represents a major
advance in understanding exactly how the toxin kills host cells,
leading quickly to death. The structure consists of a single protein
the researchers call anthrax toxin receptor (ATR).

Advanced Tissue Sciences Demonstrates Success of Tissue-Engineered Blood
Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc. presented research at the annual Biomedical
Engineering Society Meeting at Duke University in North Carolina
supporting the potential of the company's tissue-engineering technology
to replace life-threatening damaged blood vessels in the heart, legs or
other areas of the body prone to vascular disease.

Expert: Anthrax Scare Overblown
The current anthrax scare would abate if the public understood the basic
science behind the disease and its transmission, according to Swarthmore
College microbiologist Amy Cheng Vollmer.

Featured Molecules: Poliovirus and Rhinovirus
Picornaviruses, or "little RNA viruses," are among the most simple
viruses.  They are composed of a modular protein shell, which seeks out
and binds to a target cell surface, surrounding a short piece of RNA,
which contains all of the information needed to co-opt the cell's
machinery and direct the construction of new viruses.

Geron Licenses Telomerase Technology to Dendreon
Geron Corporation announced today that the Company has licensed its
telomerase technology to Dendreon Corporation for use in cancer
immunotherapy. Dendreon has been granted a non-exclusive license to use
telomerase as an antigen in a vaccine intended to induce a specific immune
response against malignant tumors.

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1.  R&D Systems Inc.:  Scientist

2.  Medical Device Company, Boston:  Quality Assurance Engineer/Quality

3.  Harmonia Medical Technologies:  Cell Biologist

4.  Biotechnology Company, Ohio:  Principal Scientist/Group Leader

5.  Pharmaceutical Company, Ohio:  Quality Control Manager

6.  Pharmaceutical Company, New York:  Cardiovascular Product Manager

7.  Start- up Biotechnology Company, Pennsylvania:  Director of Antibody

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R&D Systems, Inc., which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
develops and manufactures biotechnology products
including purified proteins (cytokines) and antibodies that
are sold exclusively to the research market, and assay kits
which are sold to the research and clinical diagnostic markets.

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1.  Bones and Joints: Drugs, Devices and Regenerative Technologies

2.  The Business Case for Pharmacogenomics (2nd Edition)

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