Combination of oligo's and PCRproducts on 1 chip

Litjens, R.H.G.M. R.H.G.M.Litjens at plant.wag-ur.nl
Mon Oct 29 08:44:19 EST 2001

Hello arrayers,

I'm intending to print a chip with about 200 oligo's (60-mer). As
normalisation controls and background control I want to use cDNA PCR
products from about 1000 bp.
Does anybody have experience with a combination of these two products on one
chip? Or does anyboy know if due to different hybridization conditions the
result will give a wrong interpretation?

Thanks in advance,

Ing. R.H.G.M. Litjens
Research Assistant
Business Unit Cell Cybernetics
Plant Research International B.V.
postal address: P.O.Box 16, NL-6700 AA Wageningen
street address: Droevendaalsesteeg 1, NL-6708 PB Wageningen 
The Netherlands
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email: R.H.G.M.Litjens at plant.wag-ur.nl


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